Gavin Raymond De Castro, J.D. & LLM

Gavin De Castro, J.D. & LLM, graduated from DePaul University in 2008 with dual Bachelor Degrees in Finance and Marketing.  Also, he completed his Juris Doctorate and L.L.M. at The John Marshall Law School where he focused on Taxation and Tax Litigation.  Gavin has worked for both private and public companies varying in size, from as small as a private firm of two attorneys to working as a subject matter expert at a fortune 100 company.

His experiences have provided him with knowledge of not only tax and accounting but also insurance products, insurance planning, financial analysis, forecasting, banking, budgeting, special assets, valuations, and much more.  Aside from taxation and accounting, Gavin also has an understanding of trusts, wills and estates, which has played a major role in his professional development.

Currently, Gavin is using both his legal and tax knowledge and experience as a tax attorney and senior analyst for a private firm.  There, he provides guidance for business entities and their corporate structure, and provides planning strategies to recognize missed opportunities and maximizing the benefits of the Internal Revenue Code. Gavin continues to strive for success and is continually expanding his knowledge to continue serving DLM Tax and Accounting’s clients.


Patrick Lynch

Patrick Lynch, graduated from DePaul University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a minor concentration in Management.  Patrick’s past and current positions have allowed him to attain a diverse financial, accounting, and tax background. He has experience with both non-for-profit and private companies where he has worked with company executives and external consultants  as a go to resource for everything from simple bookkeeping to internal audits.

Currently, Patrick holds a senior role at a private firm where his responsibilities include but are not limited to conducting financial forecasts, assisting with the company’s  budget, implementing new accounting systems and procedures, and reviewing and approving weekly/monthly/annual internal reports. Additionally, Patrick has years of experience in tax preparation, accounting services, payroll services, financial analysis and new business set up.

He is continually expanding his knowledge and skills, which allow Patrick to utilize this information ensuring that DLM clients always receive accurate, reliable and responsible service.  Patrick is currently striving to continue his professional accolades and is a candidate sitting for the C.P.A. exam.


Peter McGraw, C.P.A. & MST Tax, has been the in field of accounting and tax for over ten years,
and during those year he specialized in the financial review and tax analysis for small to mid-sized businesses. Peter is not only a proud alum of the DePaul University’s Tax and Accounting program, but he continued his pursuit of excellence as a financial, tax and accounting professional by achieved his Master’s degree in the Science of Taxation from Northern Illinois University on top of becoming a C.P.A.

Peter’s love for the entrepreneurial spirit are shown through his own success and the advice he provides to new businesses.  He brings his professionalism and knowledge to new businesses and can provide guidance to the difficulties that they will face.

Peter’s knowledge has not only helped numerous individuals start businesses, but he has helped shape them to instill excellent accounting practices.  One of his personal beliefs is that a new business with strong accounting practices is a business built to last.  When Peter is not helping clients of DLM Tax and Accounting, he is out enjoying all that Illinois has to offer with family and friends.


Chris McGraw, C.P.A. & MST Tax, graduated from DePaul University in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a minor concentration in Business Management.  He has continued his professional accolades by achieving a master degree with a concentration in Tax and passing the CPA exam.

Chris has experience working with a diverse client base, from sole proprietors to national corporations. With 15+ years of tax accounting experience he has been a trusted resource for chief financial officers and other executives.  In addition to working with a diverse client base, he has worked for multiple firms where he provided guidance as a team lead and accounting manager in regards to financial inquiries, reviewed internal accounting documents, day-to-day revenue reports, and assisting franchisees with necessary financial calculations involving revenue ratios and financial expectations.

Currently, he is a Senior Tax Accountant at Steven W. Anderson C.P.A. where he reviews and performs a complete due diligence review for all business client returns and reports, and works directly with corporate executives easing their tax concerns and providing tax recommendations.  Chris utilizes his knowledge and experience to provide an excellent experience for DLM client’s and act as a consultant and confidant for individuals and business owners alike.+