“I cannot say enough about Peter and the entire DLM Holdings team. When I was considering a new job in the middle of this part year, I called Peter to see what that would mean for my tax refund. He was able to give me advice on becoming an independant contractor, and even sent me a personalized chart to track my expenses. This team truly cares about their clients — it is 100% evident in their customer service. If you want quick, friendly, convenient, and reasonably priced service I recommend DLM Holdings.”

– Kathleen F.

DLM Holdings did our taxes accurately and quickly! They also gave us a great price based on our documents and work, not off of some list. DLM Holdings is a new company, but one that we trust!

– Gaya and Virgil D.

A partner of DLM Holdings has been preparing my taxes for the past five years and has always done an exceptional job. I am confident with their work and they provide the best service at the best price. Chris McGraw, specifically, has helped me from when I was a restaurant server with college loans to a marketing professional with a brand new home. Thanks to them we have always received top dollar returns. Thanks DLM Holdings!

– Ken C.

This is the first time I went to a different preparer, and I am glad that I did. DLM Holdings completed my taxes quick and easy. Best of all they were able to answer any questions I had. With my finances and information they were able to get the best return possible, and by going with them I reduced any risk if I did it myself. DLM Holdings did a great job, and I recommend them to anyone who is looking for an accounting company who will stick by them.

– Nona D.

DLM Holdings made it extremely easy for me to file my taxes for the very first time. I was newly divorced and had worries about tax season. They answered all of my questions in a timely manner and truly put me at ease. I had put all of my trust in DLM Holdings to get it done right and they certainly accomplished that. They are honest and reliable. I would not trust anyone else to do my taxes!

– Melanie N.

I have always had a balance due when I completed my taxes, but to my surprise they were able to find credits and deductions that reduced this amount to the point where I actually got money. They took the time to sit and speak with me to make sure that I understood what was happening and how all of the numbers worked. They were very patient with me and explained how everything connected. I would have never knew about the money that was there for the taking if DLM Holdings were not there to properly calculated my taxes. Because of them my tax liability actually turned into a good return and a great learning experience. Thanks DLM!

– Mary L.

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