DLM Tax and Accounting Services

In 2011, the four of us got together and shared our entrepreneurial goals finding that we all had the same ambitions.  With a common goal, we all set on the same path for success.  Being a diverse group, we have come together to provide clients with the skills, services, and the solutions concerning their tax and accounting needs. Between the partners, we bring over 20 years of tax and accounting experience, from dealing with simple individual tax returns to complicated bookkeeping and business returns.

DLM Tax and Accounting Services strives to provide its clients with responsible, reliable and accurate services for all of their potential tax and accounting needs. We are be able to provide an accurate assessment of a client’s tax situations and making sure that the client has an understanding of any issues or variances that could be a potential concern.  We understand that there are different needs for each and every client, and we utilize our tax resources to make sure that we cater to each client’s tax needs. DLM Tax and Accounting Services is committed to providing Accurate — Reliable — Responsible tax and accounting services for your specific needs.