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  • New Business Setup
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll Services
  • Individual Taxation

    We have an array of clients from students, to small business owners, to retirees. We understand that each client has their own unique situation, and our goal is to help assist you with those situations. Our tax services include preparation of federal, state, and local returns.

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    C-Corp and S-Corp Taxation

    We assist various clients, from all different industries and sectors, with their business taxation needs. From choosing the type of entity for their business, to helping them make their various elections, we are there to assist you. Our tax services include preparation of federal, state, and local returns.

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    Partnership Taxation

    As your tax preparer we are able assist and advise the client’s needs, from simple partnerships to more complex partnership agreements, such as Limited Liability Partnerships. Based on the client’s specific needs we will be able to help the client understand their situation and show the value that we bring. Our goal is to make sure each client gets the most accurate, reliable, and responsible service possible. Our tax services include preparation of federal, state, and local returns.

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    Fiduciary Taxation

    As a company we can assist those fiduciaries, or trustees with analyzing the taxes owed on a final tax return to figuring out the accounting for an income producing trust. While every client’s needs are different, we strive to provide the best service possible and cater to the needs of the client. DLM Holdings, LLC can take the heavy weight of taxation and accounting, and provide an invaluable service by being your confidant. We will provide accurate, reliable, and responsible service, and advise based on your needs. Our tax services include preparation of federal, state, and local returns.

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    Tax Planning

    Every financial transaction—whether you’re an individual or a business owner—has the potential to affect your tax return. Add different types of taxation, from federal to state and local, can make planning and filing challenging. Though tax returns are only filed once a year, DLM provides help in reviewing your current tax strategy or can create a customized plan to keep you on track year round. You will receive recommendations that will allow you or your company to reduce the overall tax burden and foresee a successful financial future.

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    1099 Preparation

    Did you know the IRS requires a “Form 1099-Misc” filing for someone you pay $600 for services, rents, prizes and awards, other income payments, medical and health care payments, crop insurance proceeds, or cash payments for fish you purchase from anyone engaged in the trade or business of catching fish? This form is also required for gross proceeds paid to an attorney. Royalty payments of $10 or more are also required to be reported on Form 1099-MISC. The form is due to the recipient by January 31 of the following year. DLM Holdings can take this time consuming process off your plate and give you piece of mind that you have correctly completed all of the necessary forms.

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    New Business Setup

    The business entity – LLP, LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc. – that you select for your business has enormous financial and tax implications. It is important that you make the right decision. We can explain each choice and its implications. As your business grows and changes, the type of business entity you choose may need to change also.

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    If your business does not currently have accounting staff or if your business is outgrowing its current bookkeeping system, we can provide comprehensive bookkeeping services to ensure the smooth operation of the financial side of your business. As your business needs grow and change, we can provide input and planning assistance to make sure your accounting and financial systems keep pace with your business needs.

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    Payroll Services

    Constantly changing federal, state and local laws and tax regulations make payroll management an ongoing challenge for business owners. Our payroll services professionals are well versed on these laws and regulations. We can proactively alert you to material changes that will affect your business and your employees while also keeping payroll running smoothly no matter how large your business and your employee population become.

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